Cerise Trim Seacape

Close up image of the cerise trim on a Seacape
Image of a model on a beach wearing a Seacape with a Cerise Trim
Image of a model on a beach wearing a Seacape with a Cerise Trim 3

Cerise Trim Seacape


Size guide

How to measure
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In order to achieve the elegance of the 1950s, Seacapes are worn off the shoulder in a style reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Lauren.

The top of the arm vent should be a few centimetres off your shoulder, whether you have one tie done up, both ties, or no ties. The Mustique is slightly longer and slightly wider across the shoulders.

How to measure?

To take an ABA measurement, place the tape 8cm below your shoulder and wrap it around your body A to B across your front (then around your back) and back to A.

Capri (medium)

ABA – approximately 105cm – 115cm

CD – 95cm

mustique (large)

ABA – approximately 111cm – 121cm

CD – 103cm

If you are unsure of sizes or think that you would like a narrower shoulder option for either Capri or Mustique, please email us at info@seacapes.com We want you to be happy!

A beautifully crafted cape, designed for changing clothes while keeping what’s private, private.

– Woven in 100% cotton towelling in Turkey
– One side is traditional towelling
– The other side is luxurious, soft velvet (sheared towelling)

Capri (medium)Capri (medium)Mustique (large)Mustique (large)