It is your Seacape and you can wear it however you like. If you come up with an innovative way, please let us know!For the elegance of Audrey Hepburn and Sophie Lauren in the 1950s, wear it off the shoulder. It also needs to be worn off the shoulder in order to change swimwear..

First do up the first set of ties (look for the tie close to your arm vent and tie it to the opposite one on the edge of the Seacape), then repeat for the other set of ties.

When changing it is important to wear your Seacapes off the shoulder - like some dresses were worn in the 1950s. Slip your swimsuit or bikini arm strap off your shoulder with one finger, then catch the strap with the same finger beneath the Seacape fabric on the same arm. Pull the strap down and over your hand. Repeat with the other arm. If it is a halter neck, simply slip it over your head to free it.

Put a hand under your Seacape at the front to pull your swimwear down and then remove it. If there is a catch, you can pull the catch round to the front to undo it.

The bikini bottoms or swimsuit can be pulled off while keeping what’s private, private.

Do everything in reverse to put on another swimsuit, bikini or underwear.

Yes, experiment! They look stunning, with cascades of ripples, when you mismatch the ties!

We have only just launched and so we only have two sizes at the moment: Capri - good for someone up to 5’7” and with average shoulder width. Mustique - good for someone tall and with a wider shoulder.

We can make a small adjustment to the shoulder width of either Seacape to make them narrower. Please email us if you would like us to do this. This alteration will come at no extra charge, but a promo code cannot be used and they cannot be returned.

We will also post to anywhere in the world and we will also post to the Channel Isles and at no extra charge.

The Seacapes can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius unless it says otherwise..

This is easily remedied,simply take a sharp pair of scissors and cut it off. It will not unravel the fabric.