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Seacapes is one of the good things to have emerged on release from Lockdown 2020!
The heatwave at that time meant that those lucky enough to have a pool or live close to the sea, were in and out of it constantly. At last, friends could visit, but not enter your house to change into and out of swim suits. Et voila ... a lightbulb moment flashed and Seacapes was born!

Seacapes are 100% Turkish cotton capes, designed for changing into and out of swimwear whilst keeping what’s private, private at the beach or pool.

On this journey, I have learnt that the best cotton towelling comes from Turkey.

The cloth is uniquely woven for us in vibrant turquoise with one side towelling and the other side a sleek, luxurious velvet. The cloth is then cut into our iconic shape before being taken in hand by the seamstresses and seamsters who, with exquisite tailoring, create the finished Seacape.

Seacapes exude the joy of our release, from Lockdown, into the sunshine. The colours reflect the vitality and energy of the moment. Turquoise with a trim of lime green, cerise, amber, sunshine yellow or cerulean blue; again 100% cotton.

The sinuous, sexy curves of the tailoring, emphasised by the rim trim, transform what could have simply been a practical bit of kit into a glamorous garment for skimming around the pool or beach.

Our logo, inspired by Cape Cod, stands for our commitment to ethical standards and is your guarantee of authenticity.

The film was produced by The Hurtwood Film Academy
The photography is by Arabella Batt